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QXCI/SCIO Technology


QXCI is a safe and powerful biofeedback device designed for simplicity of use and the initiation of self-healing. It works naturo-pathetically to stimulate and harness the tremendous capacity of the human system for self-healing. This technology is based on over 20 years of research in bio-energetic and bio-resonance medicine.

The computer connects to the client and measures the trivector reactions of the client (body, mind, spirit) and establishes a link to the client with resistance, voltage and amperage.

Cheryl Vasquez, began working with the QXCI in 2004 because of the diversity of therapies ot offered. It is Holistic, in its appraoch, and focuses on prevention and support of the client. She is certified through Quantum Alternative, the Academy of Energetic Sciences and IMMUNE International.

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