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"I highly recommend Cheryl Vasquez, she is a multitalented holistic health practitioner. Her knowledge on a wide range of modalities is impeccable! Her dedication to her practice is inspiring. She goes above and beyond in her healing work, mastering many modalities most people have never even heard of before. I have been a client of Cheryl’s for many years for a variety of different services and have truly benefited from her expertise."

"Cheryl is truly remarkable; her attention to detail when working with a client is in a league of its own. Book a session and you will see what I mean, you won’t be disappointed."


"I wanted to write a testimonial for Cheryl Vasquez, but it’s hard because she has done so much for me in so many ways that I’m not sure where to start! Cheryl first helped me heal quickly from a very painful back spasm a few years ago. That was only the beginning. For the past year we have been working with the Trinfinity8 system, which takes everything to a whole new level."

"With this technology we have resolved my abdominal pain and headaches of many years. Now we are working on reducing a large lipoma (fat tumor) on my thigh, using a combination of the Trinfinity8 and an enzyme supplement Cheryl told me about. It has shrunk in size by about half and we’re still going. Cheryl also used the Trinfinity8 on my husband’s bulging spider vein cluster in his leg, which had us worried about deep vein thrombosis. Over just two sessions she reduced the veins back down to a normal, healthy size. "

"Beyond just the physical, though, Cheryl has worked on my family members for emotional and spiritual health, bringing very dramatic results even though all sessions were done at a distance. I could go on and on but will wrap it up with just one more thing. Cheryl has also used her QX machine on me when I had scary heart palpitations that went on for weeks. The QX diagnostics showed that I had no heart disease, which was comforting, but found that there was a slight nervous system dysfunction. With the help of the QX we identified a homeopathic remedy to address this. After taking the remedy the palpitations stopped completely."

"I have many more wonderful things I could say about Cheryl and La Vida, but I’ll let others tell their stories and leave it at this: the health and well-being of me and my family members has improved tremendously since I’ve been working with Cheryl. I highly recommend her to anyone."


"Cheryl Vasquez is a phenomenal healer and always learning and offering new holistic and alternative protocols that are in alignment with the universal laws of vibration and frequency. The Trifinity8 and Trifinity Ascension are just such programs. I have greatly benefitted from receiving these frequencies and could really feel a difference during and afterwards. My experience is that a sense of calm comes over you and you open up your higher mind to redirect these healing frequencies. I have often had visions while running the frequencies, other times deep relaxation."

"Cheryl’s use of ear beads (another modality she offers) is very knowledgeable as well, and based on the principles of acupressure meridians. You can feel a pulsating feeling where there is blocked energy, and if the meridian is clear, I felt no sensation at all. The energy gets directed where it needs to go and relieves pressure and pain to those areas and offers healing to take place."

"The last thing I wish to say is that Cheryl is very caring and dedicated to her client. She will work endlessly to get to the bottom of any issue you may have and avails of herself 150%. I believe you can feel confident going to Cheryl for your alternative health needs-she’s a pro!"


"I brought my 13-year-old daughter to see Cheryl because she had been struggling with her self-confidence for years. She was having major difficulties in school with academics and social interactions with other students. She was feeling very defensive and angry at school and at home, which was making her life very challenging. She saw everyone and everything in a negative light. Cheryl suggested that we try the Trinifinity 8 with her. One of the things that I absolutely appreciated about the sessions was that my daughter got to choose what areas she felt she needed improvement in. Cheryl was wonderful and really listened to what my daughter was saying without judgment or correction. That made my daughter feel important and worthy, which translated into trust in Cheryl. She even smiled at me when Cheryl was explaining to her what this therapy was going to be like."

"After the first in-office session, I noticed a difference. Within a few days of her first session, I asked her how her day was at school (when she got home) and for the first time in a very long time, she said it was pretty good. I asked her what made it pretty good and she said, "I read in class today, and I didn't struggle as much." And to my surprise, she said, "I felt more confident." Now if you know anything about my daughter she struggles with reading and those words have never come out of her mouth. Her response almost made me cry, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I was so impressed with her response that, if that was all my daughter was going to gain I would have been satisfied. Trinifinty 8 was the only thing we did differently that week."

"She continued to go into the office for her weekly sessions. Because of the quarantine, we have had to do the last month through remote sessions. She has done both in-office and remote sessions with great success. My daughter completed about 3 months worth of sessions and her self confidence has greatly improved and so has her outlook on things. She is actually willing to accept her mistakes and try to correct them. Also, her relationship with her family has improved too. She is more loving toward us, she actually likes helping us. She even just gives us random hugs, which for her is a big deal. She enjoys spending one on one time with her dad and helping him create our new garden as well as helping him build things, which really wasn't something she liked to do much of before. She also is more positive and seems to really want to be happier."

"As her mother, I am eternally grateful for Cheryl and the amazing work she does, because I feel like she has given my daughter a new perspective on life and is better prepared to handle things. Being a preteen/ teenager is very difficult for some and now my daughter has some tools to help her navigate these difficult years."

"As a teacher, I have used a few of the tools Cheryl has taught us in my classroom and have recommended her to many parents and friends. A few of my female students have stated that they have noticed a positive difference in their lives already. I just hope they seek her out because she is amazing!"

"I highly recommend Cheryl and Trinfinity 8 to everyone."


"I have been a client of Cheryl Vasquez, owner of La Vida Massage Therapy (Redlands, CA), for over a year."

"I have been receiving the facial microcurrent therapy aka "Lunch-Time-Face-Lift" which is one of the many services she offers. This procedure helps keep me looking youthful and it has definitely worked for me because everyone thinks I'm in my 40's when I am much older. My family doctor always compliments me saying she can't believe my age because I look so much younger."

"Cheryl is a professional and friendly massage therapist/practitioner with a very kind soul. She will put your mind at ease when she is working with you with one of the many services she offers. Her prices are very much reasonable and affordable."

"I highly recommend La Vida Massage Therapy to anyone looking for holistic restorative therapy. You will not regret trying any one of the many services that Cheryl offers and you will find yourself becoming a lifetime client."

"Visit her website to find the many services she offers -"


"I have known Cheryl for at least 10 years. We started off as a client/health provider relationship, but now it is more like family. She has been a great source of information for all of these years. She is always truthful and has our best health interests in mind."

"I have always trusted Cheryl with my health issues and my childrens'. She has treated them since they were little, for allergies. Earlier this year she started my children on the Trinfinity8 program for various health issues (one does the sessions remotely since she is away at school). They are both very pleased with this program!"

"In late January I started getting dizzy upon standing, sitting, and laying down. I went to my doctor and of course he prescribed 2 different pills to take. They both had various side effects including drowsiness and dizziness. I talked to Cheryl and she recommended the ear beads. As soon as she put them on, I felt immediate relief! Not only did I feel relief from my dizziness, but from a pain in my neck (the result of a car accident 3 years ago). I never mentioned this, but Cheryl knew that I had a neck injury by just looking at my ear. Right away, I felt the warm tingling sensation in my neck and I was able to turn my head farther. This was the first time I felt better all around in years."

"I have done the ear beads now 3xs for various ailments without the nasty side effects that my pills were causing. I also tried the Trinfinity8. It was the best experience. I was more relaxed than I have felt even after having expensive full body massages."

"I have been telling others about Cheryl's treatments and all the knowledge she has. I am so thankful her Cheryl!"

Maggie B.

"Cheryl is absolutely the best therapist I have ever experienced. many times I have gone to her thinking I would never be pain free again and have left feeling completely healed."

Steven K.

"I just love the results of the Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting device that Cheryl Vasquez used on me. I could see the difference right away!"


"I find my Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting treatments to be very relaxing. What better way to treat myself."


"I have known Cheryl Vasquez since August of 2006. She was recommended to me by a friend who had benefited from her expertise for years. I am thankful to this day for following up on it. I have seen her on a regular basis all these years."

"Cheryl offers a variety of holistic, effective practices that address physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She has seen me through 3 hip replacements, 2 rotator cuff surgeries and helped me to cope with the residual effects of 2 broken back injuries, not to mention the associated mental trauma when I was told by my doctors, at the age of 60, that I would never ride my horses again. I am 72 now, still teach riding lessons, and I ride nearly every day."

"Cheryl’s sense of humanity and a genuine desire to do good, to make the world a better, safer place, is evidenced by here undeniable skill as a massage therapist an so much more, as her many degrees state. Her curiosity about the world around us has led her into areas of jewelry manufacture, essential oils effectiveness and the offering of classes for those of us interested in all manner of positive spiritual pursuits."

"As long as I have known her, Cheryl has taken classes to continue building her considerable knowledge of the physical as well as mental. spiritual progross taught by teachers she respects. Her verve has not flagged."

Anne Wade-Homsley

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