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Read About FRACTALS OF GOD by Kathy J. Forti Ph.D.
developer of Trinfinity8

Trinfinity8 is a cutting-edge technology that works by transmitting information directly to the DNA in our cells. It operates in the quantum field, transcending older energy-based modalities. Trinfinity8 sends streams of data generated by computer algorithms through the body by hand-held crystal rods. Trinfinity8 has more than ____ programs, which can be selected for each client’s specific needs. Trinfinity8 programs work on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Trinfinity8 users have reported everything from a deep sense of relaxation to positive and changes in body and mind. Clients can have their sessions in person or remotely, with each being equally effective.

This technology is designed to increase awareness and to assist the individual in attaining a state of self-balance while working to restore vitality. Once to twice weekly sessions of 30-60 minutes is ideal. Results may vary depending on the individual and frequency of use.

Trinfinity8 users are not only extolling the rejuvenating physical effects of using Trinfinity8, but also awakening to the spiritual vibrational changes it also brings about. On the spiritual level, Trinfinity8 is encoded with what can best be described as ascension coding, frequency patterns which help accelerate evolution and spirituality by directing DNA activation to its highest potential. Trinfinity8 is the quintessential holistic tool for high level wellness in the 21st Century.

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A harmonious, synchronistic and energetic connection is made using your name and birthdate when your selected protocol is run on the Trinfinity8 software. It is also known as distance healing or quantum healing. The software algorithms are designed to connect with you in the quantum field while you remain safely in the comfort of your home. Sessions can last anywhere from 20, 30 or 60 minutes. This is a holistic digital interface which allows the user to access their ideal and positive vibrational self. This cutting-edge algorithmic rejuvenation technology is timely for the moment we find ourselves in now. The REMOTE option is perfect for busy people or for people who are not physically able to travel, time and distance may also be a factor or they just want to relax at home while receiving these restorative and balancing codes.

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