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"I’ve known Cheryl for about 3 years (from when I lived in Redlands). I would visit her regularly to have her manage my pain and health issues. It was wonderful living so close to her. At the end of 2018, I moved out to Orange County. Although I couldn’t visit her, I kept in touch with her."

"Around Feb 2019, my little rescue Yorkie, Frankie’s health started to decline. She had just turned 8 and had pretty good health up util then. After many, many vet visits, testing, medications, she was not getting better."

"By April, a test diagnosed her with an infection in her liver and stomach. The diagnosis was vague and treatment differed by vet (some wanted to do more intrusive biopsies). She was too sick to endure any surgery. I took her to my holistic vet and we started on a treatment plan which included supportive meds as well as antibiotics. The antibiotics weakened her immune system. They worked for a little while and then she would start to decline. At the same time of her diagnosis, Cheryl started working on her. Mind you, Cheryl has never met Frankie in person. She’s counseled and worked on her remotely."

"It was a slow healing process since Frankie was sick for so long. Cheryl worked on Frankie supporting her with various therapies that helped sustain her. By September, it had been 7 months of Frankie on medications and about 4 months of Cheryl working on her. Frankie was hovering around 60% better. She would start to improve and then slide back. I was trying everything I possibly could to get her better, but it was a very difficult. My vet had tried almost every possible medicine that we could give her and she still wasn’t making a full recovery. On one of our check-in calls, Cheryl had the idea to treat her as though she had leaky-gut. That was a lightbulb for me because I had suspected early that this could be the issue (very hard for vets to diagnose) but had forgotten about that since I was so stressed and hyper-focused on keeping Frankie alive."

"As Cheryl focused on healing a leaky gut for about a month, there was consistent improvement. Cheryl continued the therapies (tweaking based on feedback) through the end of the year."

"Today, Frankie is around 99% better. She has not taken any meds for about 6 months. She is so happy, has so much energy and is eating really well. I know without a shadow of a doubt that what Cheryl did saved Frankie’s life. My vet was at a point where he had exhausted all strategies to help her. It was only when Cheryl focused on gut healing, that she finally started to heal. "

Abby & Frankie

"Cheryl has also helped my other dog, Abby. Abby gets these infected 'bumps’ on her eyelid, which when they appear, grow rapidly. With a course of antibiotics, they heal. She’s been getting the bump for the last couple of years, and the last couple of times, it took 2 courses of antibiotics to clear it up.

Abby's Eye 'Bump'

Abby Today

"On a whim, when talking with Cheryl about Frankie, I mentioned Abby’s health issue. Cheryl offered to start treating Abby’s eye infection through her remote therapies. When Cheryl started working on her, Abby’s eye bump never got bigger and she was able to heal Abby. Abby never had to go to the vet or take antibiotics for the infection, which is a miracle."


Wolf SpiderAbout a year ago, Murphy was bitten by a Wolf Spider. His owner, Julie, who lives in Arizona called me and told me what happened. As they were on their way to the veterinarian I told her about the Trinfinity8 and how it could be used for distance healing. Julie agreed to try it on her dog, Murphy. He only had two sessions and as the photos show he began to recover rapidly. Murphy recovered so quickly that he began to show granulation, a sign of the body healing the wound, in just a day or two. The veterinarian was impressed because of the Murphy's rapid healing. The next to the last picture was taken less than a week after the bite surgery.

Wolf Spider Image by Mario Kirschbaum from Pixabay

Wolf Spider Bite

After Surgery

3 Days After Surgery

Less Than A Week After Surgery

Just Days After Drain Tubes Removed
(no scars, hair grown back in)

"Cheryl, I feel important to know that the day after surgery, Murphy was "diving" off of the couch (with no wincing of pain) to go get drinks of water. Murphy showing wonderful recovery, me (grandma) was crumbling from worry and stress."


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