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No Truer Adage Spoken:
The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul.


What is Physical Iridology?
Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the color and structure of the iris to gain valuable information on the health of the client, also in the prevention of disease conditions. Patterns, markings coloration, and other characteristics of the iris can be analyzed to determine the state of one’s health. Cheryl Vasquez was trained under Dr. Bernard Jensen and has been an iridologist since 1995 and by Ellen Jensen in Rayid Iridology. It is not enough to know where potential health problems exist, whether hereditary or not, the iridologist can recommend foods and nutrition and other natural therapies to improve poor conditions and elevate one’s level of health.

What is Rayid Iridology?
When looking at the iris of the eye it is like looking at a person’s genetic pattern, it is as unique as a fingerprint, a kind of blueprint of inheritance. When you look closely at the iris you will notice streaks, dots, color variations, and other markings, those markings and their location can reveal facets of your personality.

Unlike physical iridology, which is more focused on where colorations and markings are in the iris for indications of the condition of organs and systems in the body, toxicity levels and so on, Rayid iridology is more focused on connecting the markings with your personality, your expression, your emotions, your genetic inheritance and how you process information. It directly influences your perceptions and your behaviors. It is a window into our inner world.

Studies have confirmed that patterns in the iris are genetically determined. By examining these patterns we can see how our family tree influences our character, relationships and health. Experience shows that patterns in the left eye reflects traits acquired from the mother’s side of the family. And those in the right iris are from the father’s side. We can see the influence in the shaping of the character of the individual by comparing the irises. And from generation to generation the human character is transferred and modified.

There are four primary iris structures. Each one is related to a specific personality profile. Each type is referred to as one’s constitutional structure. The constitutional structure is a standing wave pattern in the physical vehicle of the body. We each have different frequencies and different patterns and each is unique. They are all beautiful, there isn’t one that is better or worse than another. It is our responsibility to clean up the murky water so that the pattern shines clear and bright.

Rayid interpretation is not solely concerned with describing one’s personality, its primary goal is to free the individual from any limitations associated with that personality. Freedom to be your true authentic self. The structure of the iris reflects one’s potential, strengths and aspects of the personality that are undeveloped. Once an individual discovers who he is and how he functions, that in itself can be a freeing experience, to embrace who you are more fully. It is important to remember that you are not the structure of your iris. It is only a tool to help identify the mechanism of the personality. Your personality revealed in the structure of the iris is in the process of changing, while your true self is constant and perfect.

How can Rayid help me?
Rayid can help harmonize and balance your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental systems to become more sensitive to your true self. It is helpful in relationships, it is useful to teachers, counselors, parents and anyone who wants to know themselves better, and anyone who wants to understand others and to those who long to be free.

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